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Welcome to Hädener Rohstoffe

As a leading distribution company in Switzerland, Hädener represents the link between the producers of chemical and natural raw materials and the processing industry. From our corporate headquarters in St. Gallen we are active in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. We co-operate closely with Shanghai Hädener Chemie GmbH, which is managed by our partner, Haitao Zhou, so we are always in direct contact with our Chinese suppliers. At the same time, we have a distribution partner for our Asian customers whom we supply with raw materials from Europe. For short and flexible channels, we rely on our storage capacities in St. Gallen, Rotterdam and Cologne.

In addition to the activities of a company specialising in trading, numerous supplementary services complete our portfolio; we consolidate these in application of our Hädener Principle and they make Hädener an attractive and reliable business partner for customers and suppliers alike.


Hädener Rohstoffe GmbH
Zwinglistraße 6
CH-9000 St.Gallen

T +41 71 223 52 18
F +41 71 223 52 19
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