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Hädener Rohstoffe has a new look

“Our new tagline demonstrates the essence of what our Company and our employees stand for,” explains Vasco Savio, Managing Director of Hädener Rohstoffe. “In order for us to become a leading distribution business, it is reasonable for our customers to expect that we set certain standards in terms of quality, service and innovation. We bring into action all our experience and competence to provide these standards every single day. The new corporate identity has been designed to strengthen the impression of Hädener Rohstoffe as a top brand in the minds of our customers and business partners.”

The familiar logo remains as the core element, since it picks up on the idea of the world of chemistry representing the field of activity by displaying the “three-dimensional” spheres, recognisable as atoms. The model of the atoms stylised as a flower representing a new design element with a high level of brand recognition in all media is a suitable addition. The clear imagery and the dynamic colour scheme in the individual sections complete the modern appearance and add structure and orientation.

The new corporate design will be introduced step by step. A totally new Internet presence, new delivery programmes and an image brochure are just the beginning and will communicate the brand internally as well as externally. A second stage will present further new elements.

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