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Quality and Expertise

For more than 30 years, Hädener has distributed chemical and natural raw materials, auxiliary materials and additives to businesses which carry out the further processing. We have experienced steady growth during the course of our company’s history.

Today we deliver high quality raw materials for use in the industry of foods and nutritional supplements, in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical production as well as in all areas of technical chemistry. In these five segments, our employees have acquired extensive experience over a number of decades and have established worldwide contacts in the industry.

We possess accurate knowledge of our local markets and are at the same time a valued business partner for the global world of suppliers and producers. This proves to be very profitable for our customers with whom we enjoy a mutually trusting and appreciative partnership. We pay particular attention to this partnership, because we are convinced that in the end result the success of our customers is at the same time our success.


Hädener Rohstoffe GmbH
Zwinglistraße 6
CH-9000 St.Gallen

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