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Flexibility promotes economic viability and an innovative spirit

Hädener offers a wide range of technical chemicals, fine chemicals and specialities in this segment. Our customers come from a great variety of sectors in the manufacturing industry, predominantly chemical companies, the synthetic materials industry, the metal industry as well as the paper and textile industry. As far as the manufacturers of cleaning agents are concerned, our portfolio includes raw materials for industrial purposes as well as for the production of household cleaning supplies.

Thanks to our large supplier base we are able to deliver technical chemicals in various aggregation states, solid and fluid, as well as in package sizes as required, in tankers, big bags, sacks and other trading unit sizes. Our employees take great care in selecting the economically most favourable option best suited to your needs.

We also provide professional advice as you develop novel products and support you by delivering small-scale orders and offering our technical expertise as well as assisting you in marketing-related inquiries.


An overview of our product categories
in the area of technical chemicals:

  • Basic chemical materials
  • Salts
  • Acids
  • Lye/alkaline solutions
  • Diverse chemicals

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