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The commitment to comply with social and ethical standards

Hädener is a member of the non-profit organisation, Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), and has passed the SMETA audit (Sedex Members Ethical Audit). 

As part of the first SMETA audit, concluded in 2015, an independent auditor assessed the additional economic, social and ethical standards, as well as the principles of the ETI Base Code.

In the course of the audit, we accepted the Best Practice Guide which is a means of improving auditing standards and the mutual recognition of audit reports. Through the sharing of audit records, Hädener is helping to reduce the cost and burden on the suppliers without lowering standards.

As a member of SEDEX, we are able to identify, manage and minimise ethical risks along our supply chain. Thanks to having access to the SEDEX database, the world’s largest platform for managing data from ethical and social audits, we are able to offer our customers effective support with the assessment of the corporate responsibility activities of all the companies involved in the supply chain. The audit reports of supplier audits are available to every SEDEX member and our customers can access them directly, too. This enables the easier exchange of information, reduces cumbersome double-audits by the sharing of test reports, and also promotes improvements in global business practices.



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