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Reliable delivery service and quality are our top priorities

We purchase our raw materials mainly from suppliers in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Thanks to our experience and long-standing contacts we have built up a reliable supplier network which is subject to the strictest selection criteria. These include above all quality, service and reliability as well as cost and not least, the spirit of innovation.

We are constantly in contact with our suppliers and manage our supplier network in such a way that we are able to supply the products requested by our customers in sufficient quantities and with consistently excellent quality. Thus we ensure that there will be no production downtime or losses resulting in the market due to shortages or supply bottleneck situations. We will also be in a position to offer alternative suppliers for a specific product or alternative products for specific applications.

Our office in Shanghai is of special significance. Thanks to the consistent, immediate proximity and the excellent knowledge of the local market there, we can have an accurate idea regarding the capacities of our suppliers and are at the same time able to promote in the producers an understanding of our market situation here and the specific requirements of our customers.

Regular visits help us support our suppliers in the implementation of and compliance with European quality requirements. We supply all raw materials with certificates of analysis and material safety data sheets.

In order to fulfil concrete customer requirements we work on specific projects with select suppliers. It is our declared aim to provide customers with high quality raw materials and thus support them in their passion for innovation by creating a distinct competitive edge for them.


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