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The History of our Company


H.P. Hädener Chemische Rohstoffe is established by Hans-Peter Hädener. The company primarily distributes technical chemicals, pharmaceutical excipients and, on a smaller scale, additives for the Swiss food industry.


The Company’s business development progresses very positively in the 10 years following its establishment. After Vasco Savio joins the Company as a partner, the conversion into a general partnership at the same location takes place.


Hädener is certified for the first time according to the Swiss Organic Farming Ordinance and Bio Suisse.


The volume of business increases steadily. In particular the segment of raw materials and additives for the food industry experiences an immense growth spurt after an expansion of the portfolio, with the result that the share of these products increases to 70% of the total sales.

After the death of Hans-Peter Hädener, the Company is converted into a GmbH. Vasco Savio assumes the management.


The entry of Karl-Ernst Jansener, David Pierre and Haitao Zhou as managing partners paves the way for a comprehensive restructuring. The new partners bring extensive experience in international commodity trading and long-term relationships with customers and suppliers to the business, especially from the Asian region. The customer base keeps growing as Germany and Austria are added as sales markets. The offer of raw materials for the producers of food and food supplements is significantly expanded once again to include new and innovative natural resources. 

Through our office in Shanghai, managed by our partner Haitao Zhou, we remain in close contact with our Chinese suppliers. It is the main task of this location to intensify the collaboration with the suppliers, to integrate new producers for innovative raw materials into the network and ensure that the quality of the directly introduced products is always in compliance with European quality standards.


Hädener Rohstoffe GmbH
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