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Customer solutions with added value

It is our mission to consistently provide an individual and optimal solution for each and every customer in addition to the raw material distribution. If ever our own expertise is not sufficient, we seek competent support in order to meet our own high standards and do justice to our mission.

In our daily transactions we are active on various levels and communicate with many people who are involved in the broadest sense with the distribution and processing of raw materials. All of them are experts in their field and their competencies work together to provide a comprehensive picture.

Hädener, at the centre of this complex network made up of working levels and competencies have made it their task to bundle this expertise in a loose network and actively use the aggregate of the various competencies for the benefit of our customers. This puts us in a position where we can do justice to our mission at any time: Our customers benefit from this approach and value our services as initiators and competent partners. The network partners in turn receive valuable information regarding customer and market requirements from our feedback.

That’s what we call the Hädener Principle


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